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YouTube ... Zoopy ... MyVideo ... there's more

Mooziko has added it's name into the video sharing game. It has some way to go before it becomes a major player, even when compared to Zoopy & MyVideo, however I like the idea of having something African-centric (as opposed to the latter two's South African dominated content.) While Mooziko still looks a little too much like a YouTube clone,something Zoopy has managed to avoid nicely, it definitely has a African feel to it.
With broadband penetration in Africa still in it's infancy, it is understandable that there is not that many videos available to view yet. The creators really to need to catch on to the viral nature of this medium. The omission of an embedding option is glaring. Having said that, if they can keep plugging away, their is a lot of potential in this market, which has a different set of values and interests than the American audiences, a difference which Mooziko can exploit.

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