Eish!!: SARenuited not giving up without a fight

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SARenuited not giving up without a fight

It says a lot for an organisation, when they are willing to take criticism on the chin and respond. Amanda @ SAReunited did just that and placed the following comment in response to the post : Is there a future for SARenited? It's just a pity they didn't reply to my questions before the article was posted, perhaps it would have had a more positive spin. Eish!! is going to give them the doubt, watch the space for further updates.

This is Amanda, co-founder of SAReunited . I love it that everyone is talking about us.. and I love what facebook has done... its a very exciting space to be in. Yes SAReunited is in need of a revamp but these are issues we are addressing before facebook even hit the streets in South Africa. Competition is good, but SAReunited will be in a slightly different space to facebook - but if we told you what that is we might have to kill you.
The thing is that a new site take months to build, and of course you need to have a good business model.
And I am pleased to say that SAReunited will in the coming months be totally relaunched - and contact will be free! Lucky us, we have had time to learn from facebook, linkedin, myspace, bebo etc etc. We understand what our market needs - we have half a million members - and now its time to give them the product they all want and need as South Africans.
And to Eishman, you are right - the reason we are quiet is because SAReunited team are working harder than ever - and to remind you the very same team launched yesnomayB (which was voted top 20 UK web2.0 start up and the "apple of dating" and has a new membership base doubling every month!). Now its time for yesnomayB to move aside and SAReunited is getting the make over of its life.. watch this space..not long to go. Trust us, there will be alot to come back for.

SAReunited and yesnomayB

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Nice one Eish!

Chris M

It's good that the SA sites put up a good fight!

Well done SAReunited!

A South African in Europe

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