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Sites you need to bookmark

It amazes me how many people are not aware of the following two sites, they are extremely useful, and provide a great service, bookmark them now!

The first one, is www.payfine.co.za. As the name suggests it's a way of avoiding the queues at the Traffic Department, paying your fines and remaining within the law, even though you broke it to start with! It's quick and easy to register and allows you to search either by notice number, or by ID number. The latter being particularly useful when you are unsure whether a fine has been paid or after the 'dog ate the notice.' In the FAQ they give you a 6 step payment process, but realistically once you have registered it's a simply search, select, pay, 1-2-3 process.
Now for the catch. Currently the following municipalities are on board with www.payfine.co.za. Cape Town, Johannesburg, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Swellendam and Mosselbay.
If your municipality is not listed perhaps you should be putting pressure on them to do so.
Incidentally, another way of paying fines without making the trek to the traffic department is via FNB atms. Personally, I prefer doing so from the comfort of my home.

The second site, is unfortunately only available to Capetonians. www.energy.co.za is an easy to remember and even easier to use online prepaid electricity vendor. You simply register, input your meter number and you are ready to buy your electricity from the comfort of your home. No more trekking off to the local 7Eleven to buy electricity in the middle of the night, while the family showers in candlelight! I have been using this site for over 6 years now and it amazes me how few people are aware that this type of thing exists.
For the rest of SA I have another site for you to try out: www.easypay.co.za. While it's operated by a reputable company, I have not given it a try as I have found www.energy.co.za has fulfilled my requirements and has never given me any hassles. Nevertheless, according to their site they have signed up municipalities in all the provinces, so if anyone decides to use them or is already using EasyPay to buy their electricity, let us know how well the process works.

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