Eish!!: Something truly awesome to ease you into the weekend

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Something truly awesome to ease you into the weekend

The life of Eish!! has been a little crazy! I somehow think 5 days of stress to get ready for 2 days of leave is a pretty bad return on investment.
Nevertheless, I have a truly remarkable anti-dote. Thanks to Mike of Bru & Boegie fame (Mike's 'interview' here)

Make yourself a cuppa and give yourself 4 and a half minutes, you will not regret it.

Have a great weekend!!


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Are we talking about the same place. I was also up there on business, and can definately say that Slaapstad is 1000 times faster than Slowburg.
Talk about clockwatchers! When geting to an appointment at 16h10, i was told that they knock off in 20 minutes and i should have comew the next day for a 10 min appointment. Stuff I orderedn on Tuesday for a meeting arrived on Friday, one chap I was to see on Friday took a long weekend without telling anyone. Eish!!!

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