Eish!!: What are your 7 wonders?

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What are your 7 wonders?

New7Wonders Foundation is giving the citizens of the world to vote on the seven wonders of the new world. The project has garnered a fair bit of traction and it has been covered by most major news organisations for some time now. BUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT. If you want to have your say you have just 2 (TWO) days to vote. The result is going to be announced, with huge fanfare on the 07/07/07!

Fifty percent of all net revenue raised by the New 7 Wonders Project is to be used to fund restoration efforts worldwide. One such project is the mission to re-create the giant Bamiyan Buddha statue in Afghanistan.

Why not go and register your vote, it may be cool to tell your grandchildren one day that you played a small part in deciding the what they had to learn for their history exam!

My Votes :
Christ Redeemer Statue (Rio de Janeiro)
Easter Island Statues
Great Wall of China
Petra (Jordan)
Taj Mahal

Feel free to share yours.

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Good picks! Looks like most of yours made the final list.

Check out the techy list a coworker of mine created... Seven Wonders of the Tech World!

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