Eish!!: Schmaaking made easy @ Amatomu (Or Not)

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Schmaaking made easy @ Amatomu (Or Not)

The guys at Amatomu have added some new functionality, that has been will make for interesting changes in their top lists.

They are now offering a button that can be added to individual posts ala Digg, a feature suggested here just over a month ago. (See : Helping readers Schmaak Eish!!) This makes it easy for the ordinary user to simply click and 'Schmaak.'
So what exactly is a 'Schmaak?' Will for those overseas readers, this is a South Africanism for 'really like a lot.' It is simply a way for you to vote for a blog post you enjoyed. It will help others to find the post and blog in question as it climbs in the rating.

Hey, give it a go, click on the button below ... no seriously click ... don't be shy ... click dammit!!

(Edit : So the post was published, but not button. Oops, maybe we aren't quite there yet? Better find out from Vincent & Matthew what the problem may be. Sorry for getting your hopes up, still that means you will have to return to shmaak another day!!)

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