Eish!!: Free Cell C calls on the weekend (Kinda)

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Free Cell C calls on the weekend (Kinda)

Seems like telecoms in South Africa is becoming an increasingly competitive sector. Finally, perhaps, the consumer is starting benefit.

Starting from midnight this Friday Cell C are offering a service Woza Weekend. They say it's free calls over the weekend. But before you start chatting here are the catches you need to be aware of.
  • It's Cell C to Cell C calls only.
  • It's 120 minutes free, not 48 hours talk time.
  • Prepaid customers must recharge at least once a week.
  • Contract customers, you need to use up all your free minutes first. Check @ Cell C's website for those contract excluded from this requirement)
  • There is no carry over (pretty obvious that one)
Still, as long as don't get caught with point number 4, it's something for nothing.

Add this to Adsl & Dstv being offered by Vodacom, Neotel about to start rolling out services, the imminent introduction of Wimax Telkom dropping ADSL prices in August and Moneyweb reporting that SA's bandwidth is "cheap" then we appear to be moving in the right direction.

Now all we need to do is find the steering wheel and the accelerator!!

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Hi there...Cell C is not for me thanx.I Have used it for one 2 days now,Ill neva go back to it again.First of all they tell you chat for free on weekends but they dont tell you for 60min only,and then when you try call for that 60min you cant get through to anybody and my girlfriend tried to phone me today (SUNDAY 24th Feb) and battled to get through but when she did, she was charged for 1min and she recharged today SUNDAY 24th Feb...I phoned customer CARE service and they tell me its a technicle problem that they are having and that is the reason you cant get through. My girlfriend phoned CELL C today and they said they are investigating the problem of her being charged on a weekend for a 1min call.The technical problem whereby you cant get through has been goin on for ages already.Cell C has poor service!!!If you start a company then make sure its done properly not half way and stick to your promises as that is false advertising. People dont have money and time to waste,we all work hard for what we have so we dont expect to be made fools of...Even my brothers girlfriend turned away from CELL C because she battled to phone him because of CELL C's so called tehnical problem.Its time someone contacted SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT & CARTE BLANCHE to get clarity on this matter.Disgruntled EX Cell C subscriber

Hey Anonymous,
I feel your pain! But don't let it wear you down. Keep at them. Write to the CEO if necessary. Lodge a complaint on hellopeter.com.
Make them feel your pain too.
Thanks for your contribution. No need to the Anon thing here @ Eish!!

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