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CherryPicka - Discounted Testing

There's a great online resource that I suspect not many people know about.
CherryPicka is a site run be the CherryFlava (an entertaining marketing blog). It offers merchants a platform to market test their products and, more importantly, users to try these products at a discounted price.
I have been a member for a few months, but have held back reporting on it until I had tried out the process. This I did just over a week ago, when I saw a great deal on www.pushplay.com, which I will also be reviewing shortly. The transaction is nice an simple. You choose your product, make payment and the company makes contact, viola! They do request that you then come back once you have experienced the product and place a short review back at the site. That's fair enough when you see the discounts offered.
They have gym contracts discounted from R650 to R150, Wine, Music Cds and an interesting interior design concept that I may be tempted to try out.

This is definitely worth signing up for and something to come back to on a regular basis. Each offering does obviously have limited stock available, being a test platform, so regular visits is advised.


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Shot for the post Eishman.

Shot, right back. It's a cool idea. Can't help but hope not too many people catch on, I want first dibs!!

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