Eish!!: Correction - Thanks to Panda Software

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Correction - Thanks to Panda Software

Thanks to Carlos at Panda Software for clearing up my statement below taken from the previous post "Scan for viruses online for free", and teaching me a bit of Spanish at the same time.
Original final paragraph :
"Finally, as a negative, it really irks me when the designers and owners of software and websites allow themselves to get lazy. This is a great utility which provides a fantastic service. So why the incorrect spelling in the analysis url http://www.nanoscan.com/analisis.aspx?"

Carlo's reponse :
"Thanks for publish the NanoScan´s information in your blog, but only one puntualization: the URL doesn´t include incorrect spelling, it´s write in spanish ;-)"

It always leaves a warm fuzzy feeling when a company takes the time to correspond with you before, during or after a posting that refers to one of the products.

Kudos to Panda!

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