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I remember more ...

Reading this great post a SA Rocks I was reminded of the "good old days." The focus of the post was food products, but there were so many other images and memories it conjured up that I thought it needed a little expansion.

So here's some homework. Take a read then let me know what resonates with you. Comment or mail me the things that you remember fondly from your childhood.

Here goes ...

I remember paying 12c for bus fare to school.

I remember school bus routes ensuring you could be dropped off at most 2 block from home.

I remember playing frogger.

I remember hijacking the portable radio to listen to Springbok Radio stories after curfew.

I remember copying my first code into my Vic20... it didn't work.

I remember riding my bike everywhere.

I remember really wanting a chopper.

I remember changing that want to the newly available BMX.

I remember the SABC test pattern.

I remember Martin Baillie.

I remember the Chappies bubblegum radio advert.

I remember Wielie Walie.

I remember Afrikaans tv programmes without subtitles.

I remember vinyl records being sold at OK Bazaars.

I remember cassette walkmans.

I remember ...

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hm interesting - since I am Hungarian - I don't remember all these - but I can try to imagine it :-) I might post on what I remember from the good old days - back in Hungary.

I remember there was a little girl from Samantha who went to my school and got confused and boarded the wrong school bus home. The bus company painted her name on the side of the bus so she could never got it wrong again.

I remember The Springbok Radio Top 40.

I remember listening to Caysey Kasem doing the American Top 40 on Radio 702 on a Sunday night on mediumwave radio.

Thanks for the linklove btw :)

I like this post.Going to do my own on my site too! Maybe we can get it going viral among Saffer sites?!

I remember LM Radio. David Davies Hit Parade on Sunday evenings.

I remember Pip Freeman on Springbok Radio.

Darryl Jooste

I remember Rabbitt!

Yahooooooooooo for Trevor Rabin and the boys

I remember Ipi Tombi

Great idea Eish!

I remember watching Dallas on a Tuesday night and all the hype about who shot JR.

I remember writing cool programs on my ZX Spectrum until all hours of the night.

I remember playing Asteroids on my buddy's Atari games console.

I remember no electric fences or barbed wire.

I remember getting good air (and wiping out) on my BMX.

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