Eish!!: It's time to take responsibility

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It's time to take responsibility

It's been a little while since I ranted, and expressed my opinion. So I reckoned it was time to have my say.
Having started a new job this month (working for a boss for the first time in six or so years) I have struggled a bit in keeping up my blog reading. So I decided this morning to have a quick glance at my blogrolled blogs.
Mixed Messages a post @ Craniacs Place a fellow blogger from the Cape caught me attention, mainly as a result of the clever photo(his blog is worth a regular visit for the photographs alone). The post was about the way two sister magazine's front page headline differed for the same story. The related story, MxIt/Smses destroying a marriage.
Now let me say from the outset, I have not read the story and doubt I ever will as I, as a rule, do not read "You", "Huisgenoot" or like magazines. (If they had a couple of pages of scantily clad women then things would change, but that's another story)
So now for the meat. The premise that smses, internet messaging, emails or any other form of technology can be the cause of a marriage really, as Craniac put's it, "winds me up."
Why, in this day and age, do we need to look for excuses for our actions. It's starts from our very birth. Those of you who are parents or have spent any extended time around toddlers, have you heard "shame poor Johnny must be tired" (just after he has thrown a massive temper tantrum in PnP because mom would not buy the R300-00 truck-trailer set we saw passing by the toy section.) And the excuses keep coming, interestingly usually not from the person themselves. Video games, tv, school curriculae (is that spelt correctly, I'm confused), corporal punishment, lack of corporal punishment, overly involved parents, parents not involved enough, poverty, being spoilt as a child ... the list goes on ... the internet, movies, race, communism, capitalism .... okay you get the point I will stop now. I could pick each one of those listed excuses and expand but perhaps that would be labouring the point. This is a blog post, not a psychology paper. After all, as Mr Bullard continues to drone, I am no expert.

Here's my suggestion, let's take responsibility for our actions and demand that others do to.

Eish! Now that's a rant!!

Survey results tomorrow. (How's your bandwidth doing?)

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Brilliant as usual!

I totally agree. Parents in particular are terrible at taking responsibility for their children's actions.

Its high time we stopped blaming the government for all that is wrong in our society and started standing up as individuals and making a difference not matter how small it may be. Blaming others without taking a look in the mirror first is cowardly and shows a lack of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

There we go - my rant for the day as well!

BTW - when are you getting onto Facebook - email me personally with your answer if you prefer!

Yes, you're right, it's all about making excuses and not taking responsibility.

If only we were able to start a movement.
Maybe in the future Eish!! will be big enough...

I agree with you 100% Eish.

Not to be morbid or anything but this afternoon I was watching TV and a man who abused his grandchild said "The devil made me do it". I wanted to jump into the TV and shake the man. He wasn't taking any responsibility for his actions.

We live in the age of '_____ made me do it'. Nobody is held accountable for their actions.

Great rant!

Right on Eishman! The sad thing is that parents are passing this apathy on by example. The next generation are going to be fully into finding lame excuses to justify their actions and taking zero responsibility.

PS: Great blog!

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