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All the software you need ... for free

The main reason for me starting this blog was to have an avenue to share things I have found on the internet that can be useful to others.
One of the websites I have been using for a couple of years now is FreewareFiles.com. This is a fantastic site that has thousands of genuinely free applications, drivers & codecs. There is not much you will not find here.
I case in point was this past weekend. I have been using iTunes to rip my cds but for some reason iTunes would not open. I really wasn't in the mood to spend time troubleshooting, so I went to FreewareFiles.com and did a quick search for a cd ripper, downloaded Free Cd Ripper v1.4 and began ripping all withing a couple of minutes.
From games to accounting software, Audio players to web development tools, I am not aware of a utility you will not be able to find here, and it's free.
Sure propriety software will often (but not always) contain a whole load features that these app.s won't but the beauty of the applications you will find here is that they are usually lightweight. That way you don't need to spend hours downloading and installing something that may or may not fulfill your requirements, and then still have to pay to use it.
I especially enjoy checking in every now and then to see what the most popular downloads are and if there is anything interesting in the new files listing.
Another nice feature that each download is rated.
Next time there is something you need some software do yourself a favour and pop into FreewareFiles.com.

btw, no Eish does not get paid to post.

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Thanks for this link - I will definitely be checking it out!

I recently posted on the OpenOffice suite - a phenomenal piece of open-source software - all free! It certainly gives MS Office a run for its money. Check it out here - Free Office Suite

Hey Arthur,
I fully agree. OpenOffice has a whole lot going for it. It amazes me how many people will a) pay a fortune for the MS product which has a whole load of features they will never use or b) prefer a pirated copy over a product that is free.
Never quite understood it. I can personally vouch for OpenOffice.

Eish Bro
I've been meaning to say how fantastic I think this blog is, I'm really IMPRESSED!!! I will pass on this link to the man of the house and see what he makes of it!
Cheers Eish Sis

You could also check out snapfiles.com. They have separate freeware and shareware sections, and I've always found them to have good categorisation and decent ratings.

Eish Sis,thanks for popping in and, of course for the kind words. Keep coming back hopefully I can keep up and maybe even raise the standard.

Twylite, thanks for the tip. It's going into my back pocket. Hopefully some Eish!! readers will find it useful.


This site is a really good one with all kinds of software named.

Nice one Anonymous, another useful resource.
btw, next time ID yourself, it doesn't seem right addressing Mr Anonymous!

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