Eish!!: Amatomu, Muti, Afrigator match Sharks, Bulls

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Amatomu, Muti, Afrigator match Sharks, Bulls

Being interested to find Australasian comment on the Super 14 results this weekend, I set out to find the New Zealand equivalent of Amatomu, Muti and Afrigator. Ie. a blog aggregator specifically meant for New Zealand-centric content.
Seems like while our rugby teams managed to overpower the Blues & Crusaders, our blog gurus have totally annihilated their New Zealand counterparts. The best I could find was a stuff.co.nz , not even an aggregator.
So I moved on. Why not see what the Australians are saying about the rugby. Could be interesting. My list of Aussie publications I scan were way to 'factual.' I watched the games, I know what happened. I wanted some opinions. Again the search for a blog aggregator! This is what I found (Aussies reading this please feel free to correct me and send me links, but a Google search from "Australian Blog Aggregator" should suffice.) www.news2.com.au, www.buggerall.com.au & www.gnoos.com.au.

News2.com.au - besides an extremely nauseating frontpage ad for BuggerAll, it's uninspiring look and feel really did not prompt me to want to delve into what it had to offer. It really didn't seem like there was much anyways. A tag cloud exactly like the one found in this blog on the right highlights 'YOUR' as being the most used 'tag' and they advertise that they update every 30 minutes!

BuggerAll.com.au - The Australianblog's craiglist. Just a whole load of tags. Otherwise the name is extremely apt!

Gnoos.com.au - Probably the nicest looking of the three, even so the only feature I like is the nice prominent search box. Otherwise we are treated to the top 5 searches, 5 'hot tags' and three little boxes for the latest posts "Aussie Posts", "Aussie Media" & "Global Blogs". That's it.

So in the end, I gave up. Kudos (and Kudus) to the SA aggregators, you guys rock!!

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GREAT post Eishman... really informative and I must say thanks for the Kudos man!!!

Hey, it's always great to report on SA getting the better of the Australians & New Zealanders. Couldn't help myself!

Hi Eish

Thanks for a great post and for the kudus!
I just want to mention that muti is really a news filter, rather than a blog aggregator, and hence you will find non-blog items on muti as well.
This dosnt retract from you observation though that we are waaaay ahead of the Aussies!

Hey Neville,
I hear you. Probablky should have used another term. However the point I was making is if you are looking for comment on current events, as opposed to the facts, Muti is a great place to go.

Hey Oscar, thanks for the link.
Although it's a little bland to look at, content-wise, it's probably the best of the lot.

No contest. You'd never guess it was SA with the crap telephone lines and telecoms monopoly :-)

Eishman, what a cool little exercise you've done! And thanks for the compliment!

Forgot to add:

It would really be cool if you do this exercise for a couple of countries. You've done Oz and NZ, digg into the european scene and compare there... should be interesting!

Colin, good point, it just highlights what a great job they are doing. There's no doubt that through their efforts the SA blogosphere has reached whole new levels. Us bloggers are indebted to them.

Stii, compliments are only given where they are due here in Eish!! I think I will take you up on the challenge.

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