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The ZA Show on Podcast411

Podcast411, a podcast I have been listening to since early 1995, aims to help podcasters podcast. Rob uses the experiences of his guests to educate those either podcasting or thinking of podcasting, as well as motivating them to keep going, market themselves and, most importantly raise the standard of their show.
I use the podcast more as a listener. It's a great way to find those little gems that you would otherwise not be able to find in the massive podcast directories.
As a side note, he always starts out his interviews with the question, "So what was your first computer?" The answers bring back memories of BBC's, ZX Sinclairs & Commodores.
Anyways, I digress...

His focus is usually US-centric, but the last show featured none other than Cape Town's Glen Verran from "The ZA Show." It was really cool ,and a bit weird, hearing a SA accent for a change.

The ZA Show is hosted by Glen & his wife Bridgitte. I have to admit to being only an extremely infrequent listener. With our limited bandwidth I tend to listen to podcasts to get international perspectives, but if that were not a factor I would most definitely be a subscriber. The format is loose, and consists of banter between the two, occasional interviews and outside broadcast. I also like the fact that they encourage SA bands to register their music on the Podsafe Music Network, so as to help them get international exposure. It does of course allow them to play the music on their podcast as well. And as an added bonus, they podcast out of Cape Town, and are proudly South African.

Check out the interview. It was fun hearing Glen explaining things like the origin of Afrikaans and the state of telecoms in SA.

Links : Podcast411 - Direct link to mp3 here
The ZA Show

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