Eish!!: Some Meatloaf for Jenny

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Some Meatloaf for Jenny

I take the needs and wants of my readers really seriously.
So to ensure I retain at least one, and hopefully gain a few others, heres some little known facts about Meatloaf.

Meat Loaf
born: 27-09-1951
birth place: Dallas, Texas, USA

Meat Loaf played 300 sellout concerts between 1987-91.

He fell off the stage and broke his leg during a concert at Toronto in 1978 - he finished the tour in a wheelchair!

His 1970s album, 'Bat out of Hell', is the third highest selling album of all time, with an estimated 30,000,000 copies sold worldwide. It spent over 470 weeks in the UK charts - an all-time record.

He is a vegetarian, thus despite his famous moniker, Marvin doesn't like to eat meatloaf!

Meatloaf walked out of the theater during rehersal of the Rocky Horror Show when he first saw Tim Curry in fishnets and high heels. While walking out, being followed by Gram Jarvis, Meatloaf crosses Hollywood Blvd. He got a ticket for jaywalking.

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Hi Eishman, I was considering unsubscribing to your site, as you know , because 'bloggers' obviously lack or are unable to recognise true passion. So you present me with the very essence of passion - the Loafman, as I call Meatloaf.If anybody can get you out of your heads and into your bodies, it is this man. He loses all sense of self in his songs, and becomes the song (words of Jim Steinman). Loosen up - yes, we are destroying the world, yes I feel the way everybody feels about this, but please, please, learn about Loaf and listen to his music.
Or don't. But you'll be missing a great experience. No, I am obviously not a computer ner... whoops, boffin, and I have no place here, but if you lack true passion, do you have a place anywhere ?
Luv u alwaysEish. Thanks for Meat.

Seem like he 'blogs' himself, dunno how passionately, JustMe.


Love Meatloaf. Didn't realize he was a vegetarian as not on any of my lists.

Also love Tim, fishnets and all and still one of my favorite musicals.

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