Eish!!: How important is Freedom Day?

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How important is Freedom Day?

I don't know about you, but I can still remember the miracle that was our first democratic elections. I recall standing in my queue waiting to cast my vote, and then going back home and seeing how millions of other South Africans were all doing the same. It still gives me goosebumps.

So of all the public holidays, I have always felt that tomorrow's Freedom Day is one worth keeping and celebrating. It's a day that all South Africans had and have a stake in regardless of their 'cultural heritage'.

So I was really disappointed when I checked the South African government's 'About SA' website. Below is the sum total of the Freedom Day information you will find here.

Now, I know that this is exactly what Freedom Day is all about, but surely there could and should be more information given. For example the 27th April is also the day our new constitution came into effect in 1997. How about a little of a back story? This i, or at least should be, the premier source of this kind of information, unfortunately it even makes it to number 2 when doing a Google search. Surely there should be more? It's a government website, for pete's sake, there should be so much information it should bore you! Eish, maybe it's just me.

Enjoy the long weekend.

For what it's worth the link's here.

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I also remember standing in a queue to vote in '94. The voting station was about 300 meters from my flat, so I thought, get out of bed at 9, have a quick breakfast, and go vote!
The end of the queue snaked about 7 blocks down the road...queued from 9:30 to 6 pm before I made my X for the Soccer Party!

Yip, a great day to be South African!

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