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Here are the SA Blog Chicks

(... actually just a few)

Last week's 'Where are the SA Blogs Chicks' post resulted in a fair bit feedback to the Eishman. So I felt it was necessary to acknowledge those blogs that were brought to my attention. Before we get to them though let me say thanks to those of you posted comments and mailed me with suggestions. I can now safely say that these are just the tip of the iceberg. It would, however, be nice to get the profiles of a few more of those blogs authored by the fairer sex significantly raised and , in my opinion, the only way we can do this is to get more female readers. Or am I wrong?

One thing I have learned while journeying through the submissions is that these girls can write! You will find very few quick one or two paragraph posts in this batch of blogs. The ladies have a lot to say, and they say it.

Here's the quick list, with summaries gleaned from the blogs. Feel free to add more in the comments once again. (The list is orderless)
  • Enigma : Merja, a 21-year-old junior journalist in Namibia. My friends back in Cape Town think I’m dodging bombs and bullets in the middle-east, they’re also under the impression that I’m next in line to win a Pulitzer award. I don’t have the heart to tell them that the only rewarding thing in my job is attending those ministerial visits that supply me with free food.
  • Megan : If you can't impress them with your intelligence, confuse them with your bullsh@$t!
  • Expensive Mistakes & Cheap Thrills : Eish say, the name is extremely descriptive .Eish recommends!!
  • Peas on Toast : Break ups, #@%* ups, hook ups, cover ups. It's how I roll. Eish says, Multi - award winning blog. 2007 SA Blog Awards - Most Humorous Blog
  • Thoughts and ramblings : These are just the random thoughts of a single girl living in Jozi, going about her own business in this crazy, interesting city and trying to find a little humour in everyday life!
  • autumnal akika : Eish says, a wacky journal-type log.
  • ChampagneHeathen : I am not one for first or quick impressions, so rather read the blog & work out all the intricacies of a Jozi chick trying to figure out where she wants to be this evening, let alone in 5 years time. Eish likes.
  • MsMozi : Eish says, she gives us a little insight into her life.
  • Limn : Jam is a sweet, slightly stewed person who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Szavannablog : Remixing open source projects, music, and guru-shishya parampara. Szavanna_blog is about art, creativity, open source & open content topics, languages and more. Eish says, a great blog.
  • Music, life and music : This my journey from being a journalism graduate with a stable-ish job in radio to being a full time muso... The ups and the downs and everything else in between. A 20-something who is trying her best to fufill her destiny. Times get rough and then they get good. I just want to share... That's all! Eish says, nice one. [Update : check out my 23 April post for my take on a recent posting, it really struck a chord with me]
  • Glad to be a girl : ift through my insanity and revel in my genius! Modesty drips off me in buckets ;). Eish says, a lot of fun, this girl can write.
  • So Close! : After being so close for so long, I have finally arraived. Life after infertility. Eish says, Tertia is SA's premier blogger. This is a must read.
  • THG* The Home Girl : My universe is perfect so give me a good reason to leave the house
  • Baze : Eish says, Always entertaining and well worth a regular visit.
  • Whispers and wandering : Eish says, she takes he blogging seriously and it shows.

Schmaak this post!

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Well hello there dear Eish! And thanks for the compliment!

Yes, our dear gender is definitely digging out unique spaces in this blogosphere. It is fascinating to watch girls all start on a similar theme (partying, sex, pms), but eventually find each's own themes of true interest.

Also watch how the ladies' blogs often receive more comments than men! This has been a subject of MANY debates, especially for the marketing fundis, who BEG the answer to the question, WHY.

You def. still need to keep growing your list there, but just follow the links on any girl's site & you are sure to find many more. Quickly on mine: Hot Pink Flush, Insane Insomniac, Fuzzy Logic, Dolce (when she blogged with us - she was INCREDIBLE!), Buzzing Fly, Koeksuster, Lollipop, Muddle's Puddle (cheekily hilarious), Spoon...and on (sorry, little time to link).

Also, JAM from onalimn, is even creating a book of short stories from female bloggers - Urban Chick. (This means if you are a female blogger follow up & submit entries!!)

And NICE BLOG, Eish!

Eishman... forgot about: The Hunter of Genius and of course Peas's roommate Third World Ant

Oh, I have a few more to add now too :)

And thanks for the compliments again!

- I are wearing the jean pant
- Just Up The Dose
- Meira's World

As you can clearly see, the girls of SA are finally getting into the swing of this blogging thing ... and we're going to take over the world :)

Long live the eishman for spending lots of time, having a look at all the blogs and putting together this list!

LOL.. there's a powerful geek*gal contingent out here in the digital ZAplayground ..some of the SAblog award nominees & newmedia women of words like powerhouse Carly Ritz SundayTimes online editor (rantofnote.blogspot.com)& ms. Mail&Guardian's Electric Spaghetti gal(electricspaghetti.blogspotcom) or the gorgeous Lush www.tufra.blogspot.com/ & a huntress at http://maxkaizen.com ;-)

Eish eish eish!!! Thanks for showing my blog some love. I have checked out some of the sisters and I agree with you. The ladies have a lot to say and I'm loving it.

Eish - so chuffed to have my little blog mentioned amongst all those rocking blogging chikitas!

only discovered this post now....but fanks muchly for recommending my blog...:)

dont think many ppl know this - but the name of my blog comes from a line of a Karen Zoid song...hehe....rock on women!

Hi Eish! Thanks for the mention - only found this link now too!
Keep reading us girls. And if you know of any other girls, send them through to Urban Chick to write about being chicks in Jozi.

Why Eish... *blush* you shouldn't have, no actually you should have, and do it more often, dammit. Just kidding. Ta for the mention.

Merja aka Merja here,

I've been trying to post this since yesterday. Let's hope I manage this time around by going annon.

I now feel stardom is within my reach *blush, blush* (ok, you have to picture this on a fair in complexion person. Not pretty, I know).

We should do this more often.

Oh yeah, you will be mentioned in my thank you speech when I'm hopefully famous one day for being one of the few first to recognise my writing.


and when I didn't expect the comment to go through it does.

Yes, Enigma aka Merja here again (forgive the little confusion with the double name last time).

I’ll have to go and redeem myself.

*walks away with tail between legs*

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