Eish!!: 2 Must have Firefox add-ons

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2 Must have Firefox add-ons

Let's start be addressing those of you who have not yet converted to Firefox to browse the web.
Shame on you! Do yourself, and Eishman, a favour and scroll down this page till you see the "Get Firefox with Google Toolbar" button. Download it and install. Your online experience will become a whole lot more pleasurable. (and Eishman will get a few cents towards the war chest)

Now, the beauty of Firefox is the availability of add-ons which can enhance and aid all sorts of browser based applications.

Here are two I have used for some time & highly recommend.

Firstly, Foxmarks. This is an invaluable tool for anyone with more than one computer. By installing and setting up an account, you can seamlessly synchronise your various pc's bookmarks. No more emailing yourself links of pages you want to remember to visit or bookmark on another pc. The moment you open Firefox it will check to see if there have been any changes in the synch file and viola, you have the same bookmarks wherever you are.

The second utility is a useful little boykie. There often comes a time where we need to take a snapshot of what we are browsing. It may be that something doesn't look right and when we try and explain it to tech support, he says he doesn't see the problem when he logs on with his pc! Or may need to illustrate a help file, paper or blog. Install Screengrab and with a clickot two of your mouse you can have a screen dump of whatever you are looking at in your browser in the format you want.

Two simple but extremely useful little add-ons.

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Nice plugins, however, I use delicious for my bookmarking so I never have to worry about syncing and I use Mac so command+shift+4 gives you the ability to select a portion of the screen to snapshot.

These annoying Mac users who keep reminding us that PC's and their attendant OS's are clunky, unfriendly beasts!

Thanks Stefano!

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