Eish!!: The 7 deadly sins made by SA Cricket

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The 7 deadly sins made by SA Cricket

It's being a roller coaster ride for SA cricket supporters the over the last 6 months or so of the World Cup. Sorry, slight exaggeration in the length of time, but it does feel like this World Cup is going on forever!!
Going into the cup we were ranked no. 1 in the world after home series wins. Expectations were high. But here's where I think the 'thinktank' have sinned, have got it all wrong.
  1. Firstly, way too much was made of 'building' for the World Cup. By consistently referring to this over the past two years, they have opened themselves up for this type of criticism. After each bad performance were told, "don't worry we are building to the World Cup". After each great performance we were told, "this is all about building to the World Cup." Of course, if they manage to win, all will be forgiven!
  2. In the series against India & Pakistan the groundsman should have been instructed to prepare variable pitches. It's fair to say that no-one knew what to expect in the West Indies, so using that logic the players should have had pitches that took them by surprise, made them work out strategies on the fly, maybe even think!
  3. I know this is getting stale, but no spinner was blooded for this world cup. Even if they were not sure of a spinner would be required for some games, they knew that the world cup was being held in various countries, in the freakin' Caribbean. (By the way why the hell did they take Petersen anyways?) The weather was always going to play a part and that can make the pitches susceptible to cracking and 'powdering' due to heat, humidity and rain. They could have sent Petersen or Harris to the wolves here in South Africa. Every four and six hit by the Indians & Pakistani's would have been a learning experience. After that, give them a pitch that actually turns and they would have been a force to be reckoned with. There have even been games at the World Cup that they could have given Petersen a chance to start.
  4. The Australians lost their no. 1 spot to us temporarily when they lost the one day series against New Zealand. But they had rested some of their key players. We were so focussed on winning the pre-world cup series (spot the irony? See point 1) that we did not allow enough recuperation time for the players that were going to be match winners in the Caribbean.
  5. The middle order we have always been so reliant on, have just not performed. No surprise that. The only practice they have had over the last 3 months has been in the nets! There was ample chance to play around with the batting order during the home tour. Why not allow Kemp to open? Let Hall come in at no. 4? At least they would have had a chance to play themselves in and get a little confidence? Another opportunity lost.
  6. Where has all the pace gone? Not so long ago the South African pace attack was something to feared. Sure Ntini & Pollock are worth their weight in gold and I actually rate Nel. But they are no longer rated as fast bowlers. A real quickie would have provided that variety that is so needed. Even without a spinner.
  7. Finally, clearly the fitness coach need to be hauled over the coals. Why is it that our men have been so effected by the conditions in the Caribbean? Sure one or two other nations have had a player taking a bit of strain, but we have had Smith, Kallis, De Villiers, Gibbs and Hall needed treatment ... that I am aware of. The Australian game could have been a total different kettle of fish had Smith been fully fit. Not saying we would have won, but it would have been a much better game, that would have left a net run rate a whole lot more healthy.
I am not an expert. So take this from where it comes. To me these are just obvious things which would have made a difference to the World Cup campaign, and given us, the supporters a little more confidence in our boys when the march out against their World Cup opponents.

Let's hope that they can overcome the 7 deadly sins. Bring the cup home boys and the ALL WILL BE FORGIVEN!!!

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