Eish!!: Schmaaking Amatomu Stukkend

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Schmaaking Amatomu Stukkend

The guys at Amatomu better stop updating their baby soon. It is making Eishman look like an apologist for www.amatomu.com! Maybe they should just start paying me. Nope take that back, then you wouldn't believe me when I rave about a new feature.

Now you can 'schmaak' a blog post. I like this feature as it combines nicely with the most popular post feature. A post may have a catchy headline and as a result have a high rating as the most read, but the content may not be up to scratch. By combining the most read and the 'schmaaks' readers can now guage what articles are worth clicking through to on more than just a headline.

It's so simple, I tested it and landed up cheating by 'schmaaking' my own post. Probably shouldn't do that again. Please feel free to 'schmaak' any of Eishman's posts though.

They have also added a 'Favourites' option. Pretty self explanatory.

Now guys, take a break, go and have a cup of coffee!

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LOL dude if you want to shmaak you own post you can - isn't that what half the blogosphere does anyway?

I guess you are right.

hehehe.. you think George Bush and our president didn't vote for themselves??? :-)

Oops!! Really stuffed up then, if I have been liken to those two!!??!

I like it, alot :)

But I miss the Muti link! Eish!

Ja Steve, the Muti link was a nifty way of submitting. Pity that's gone.

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