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One day remains

The previous post "Big freaking deal!" was a purposeful precursor to today's main posting.

Here's a band that, in my humble opinion, "get" the new media revolution. Last week I heard them on Adam Curry's 'Daily Source Code' for the first time. He played it on recommendation from Jersey Todd from the US of A, who heard it after the band placed it on the Podsafe Music Network on the advice of Andrew Pavitt host of RockOutLoud in Oz.

Enough from me though. I sent them a couple of questions via email and got a quick and comprehensive reply from Daniel van Niekerk, the bass player. So here's some background on the band gleaned from that response. Take a read than mosey on down to their myspace page and enjoy some good old rock and roll!

Although only formed one and a half month ago there is a fair bit of pedigree in "One Day Remains." Bassist Daniel has been playing in various bands for many years, as has Michael Naranjo who is probably best known for his stint with "7-day Story" which played the title track on SABC's "Going Nowhere Slowly" and drummer Brett Palmer's biggest previous gig was with Benjamin Gate which enjoyed great success in the States a few years ago.

Yesterday I took delivery of my latest cd purchase. The artist? The Who. What relevance does this have when we are talking to a band who list such influences as Bon Jovi, Winger, Petra(one of my all time favourites), Pantera, Van Halen & White Snake?
You see, there is so little good, new rock and roll that I have been forced to start collecting albums from the classic bands of the past. "One Day Remains" believe this is a void they can fill. "We want to become the new standard of South African Rock. We offer something wholesome with some good solid lyrics."
And they are going to do it independently. "We believe in the whole Independent concept, and making sure artists get what is due to them. The 90% going to the label and maybe 5% going to the artists days are over. The traditional record industry is dying of an industry cancer. New media is the way to go....electronic, downloads...having the CHOICE of what to purchase." And why not, it sure as heck is working for them so far! They've had international airplay, are getting overseas tour leads, struggling to keep up with the incoming correspondence and they haven't played a single gig yet!!

Plans for the future? Their impending launch has been postponed due to the unexpected tsumani of interest but a tour of the States in the first quarter of 2008 is already being organised and they "have a few surprises up their sleeve," so keep checking their website. Hopefully we'll get to see them live soon!

In the meantime take a listen to the track below and click the link under the player to vote for them in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands.

btw. Being new to the whole interview thing, I didn't get to ask them where the name "One day remains" come from. So keep and eye on the comments below. I am pretty sure they will fill us in.

Updated 19 April 2007 : They have a new website www.myspace.com/onedayremains take a look

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Hi !

Daniel of One Day Rmains here. Regarding the name ONE DAY REMAINS.

The name was taken from a song by the band Alter Bridge called One Day Remains.

It's basically got to do with how frail and short can be and how and in a nutshell how we should live everyday as if only one day remains.

I wanted to cut and paste the lyrics, but it would take up a bit oo much space and clutter the site.

here's alink to the lyrics ONE DAY REMAINS by Alter Bridge http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/alterbridge/onedayremains.html

And there you have it, the origin of the name "One Day Remains."

Funnily enough, I remember getting irritated by all the references to that song when I was researching though Google.

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