Eish!!: Kudus to Amatomu and Muti

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Kudus to Amatomu and Muti

Sunday's April Fool's story has caused some major excitement in EishLand! The story made it to the top "hot" spot at the www.muti.co.za and this in turn pushed up eishcoza.blogspot.com to 34th position in the www.amatomu.com top 500 blog list.

So in return for the increased traffic, I reckoned I would pay them back with a little featurette on these two fully fledged South African web services that I can guarantee will make your blog travels a whole lot more interesting.

I shmaak SA Blogs, sorted with Amatomu.comBrought to you by Mail and Guardian Online, Amatomu is a South African blog portal. "Amatomu" means "reins" in isiZulu and it's goal is to "steer traffic towards bloggers by acting as a homepage and zeitgeist for the South African blog network."The internet universe is so immense that blogs originating from South Africa are pretty darn hard to find. Since discovering Amatomu that has all changed for me. It's been referred to by some as the Technorati of South Africa, but I don't know if it's just me, but I find it way more usable than it's 'big brother.'
It's has easy to navigate tabs which start with a 'full' top 500 listing (that oddly stops at 200!?). But then you can check through the top blogs by traffic for the past 24 hours, 7 days & month. The same can be done for each of the categories. It has a sidebar which lists new postings from registered blogs as they are posted. There is also a column for newest blogs and a "Zeitgeist" widget which displays most popular topics being blogged on the SA blogosphere.
As a blogger it's simple to register and as the rankings are calculated on actual traffic figures it's a fun way to keep tabs of visitor numbers in relation to fellow SA bloggers.

"An aggregator or news aggregator or feed reader is a client software that uses web feed to retrieve syndicated web content such as weblogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media website" : Wikipedia.

is an web based aggregator specifically serving postings originating from Africa.
Inspired by social bookmarking sites like digg.com and reddit.com, Muti allows registered users to submit stories they wish to share and others to then vote on the submitted stories. Those voted then move up and down the lists depending on the number of votes it gets. It gets a little more interesting in that you can also vote a story 'down' if you think it it's current score is underserved.
The submittor can then earn kudus, a word play on kudos, for their submissions and they too can be rated as good sources for news.
The user interface leaves a lot to be desired, but the concept has been tried and proven. A South African spin is necessary and welcomed. With continued development this could and should grow to become a major player in the SA Web 2.o market.
Take a look, register, see whats new and, of course, submit and/or vote for the latest story at eishcoza.blogspot.com!

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Hey eish -- thanks for your great comments re: amatomu. point raised re: the top 200 is a valid one... (in fact we have now called it top 500 in eager anticipation)... but it does cause confusion so we'll rename it... thanks for your comments about amatomu and please send us more!!! we have so much work to do still on it
matthew and vincent

Hi Matt,
That was really quick,, I noticed the tab name change to Blog charts this morning. Although "Top XXX" has a nive ring to it I think "Charts" make a whole lot more sense.

Look forward to the fruits of your hard work in the future.

Hi Eishman

I have only just seen this post with your kind words about muti, thank you so much. Constructive criticism is always accepted and I hear you on the user interface. Some changes will be coming down the line.


Hi Neville,
Muti has become one of my must visits for the day. Looking forward to the updates.

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