Eish!!: Bob Woolmer R.I.P ... please!!

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Bob Woolmer R.I.P ... please!!

According to my definition of 'eish', there is space for me to vent my frustration and outrage so, brace yourself, it's time.

Let's start saying "May Bob Woolmer rest in peace." By all accounts he was a man that led his teams incredibly well, both technically and personally. His death is a loss, a big loss to the cricket world, but more importantly to the family who never got to spend very much time with their husband and dad in the period before he died.

So, now the frustration and outrage.
I was asked this weekend, what my thoughts were on the Bob Woolmer affair. My answer? "I have no idea, and nor should anyone else." It was a short conversation. (Interestingly almost word for word the response from Mike Wills of Cape Talk to a deluge of smses asking for his opinion on the matter). Here's as quick an explanation as to why I say this as I can get.

Late Sunday on the 18th March, the news breaks that Bob Woolmer was found unconscious in hotel room. He is later pronounced dead, and then the newspapers, syndicated news rooms, websites etc start seeing dollar signs. They are fueled by the local police's, seemingly enjoying the limelight, constant press conferences. Does anybody know how many they have actually convened?
We have since heard of blood spatters on the room walls, a heart attack, an inconclusive first post-mortem, a "suspicious death", vomit on the floor, no sign of forced struggle, no possessions disturbed, Pakistani team members finger printed, captain Inzimam Ul-Haq questioned, a betting syndicate involvement ....

No wait there's more!

... a South African betting syndicate involvement, moronic suggestions of links to Hansie Cronje's death(Clive Rice shut your trap!), three fanatical fans seen by CCTV cameras, cause of death asphyxia, a unauthorised meal being delivered, a Pakistani bookie thrown out of Woolmer's room and ... wait for it ... have you guessed it yet ... Al Qaeda involvement! I kid you not. (http://www.dnaindia.com/report.asp?newsid=1087673)

My point? Please shut up Jamaican police! Do the flipping investigation, do it properly and tell us what you have found, once you have sufficient evidence that you are able to share with us.
I cannot imagine the hell all this unsubstantiated speculation is causing for his family. As much as I would love to do so, I know it would be impossible for anyone to gag the headline hungry media, but why feed them all this extra fodder?

Have they not watched CSI?

Have you say, comment below.

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