Eish!!: Microsoft to pull out of South Africa

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Microsoft to pull out of South Africa

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft announced today that Microsoft is to begin a three month withdrawal of it's operations from the SADEC countries (of which South Africa) this month. This is in response to the lack of action by member states to the ongoing turmoil and human rights violations in Zimbabwe.
According to the statement Chairman Bill Gates as become sensitised and increasingly concerned of the state of affairs in the Zimbabwe since he has increased his involvement at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation's big focus is the eradication of malaria which prevalence is concentrated in sub Saharan Africa.
"We believe that sanctions from an organisation of our size could result in as much, if not more, pressure to governments who rely on critical systems we supply for deliverables", said Ballmer.

"The PC and Hardware Manufacturers Association was tipped off on this potential move by Microsoft three month ago" said spokesman Iama Liah. "We have been in talks with Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu organisation, and it is hoped that all new pc's and laptops will be shipped with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed instead of the Windows XP or Vista operating systems."

Being a Sunday no Department of Trade and Industry official was available for comment.


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