Eish!!: Big Freaking Deal!

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Big Freaking Deal!

Apple is teaming up with EMI records to offer DRM free downloads from their iTunes store.

Sorry Muso, but as much as I would love to get excited about DRM free music (actually, access to back catalogs is the big news as far as I am concerned) until Apple open up their freaking music store to South Africans this has zero bearing on our consumption of music.

Come on Apple, Apartheid ended a long time ago, let us in!

Coming soon ... an anti-dote.

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Personally I couldn't give less of a toss about Apple, my concern is that the labels open up and sell their music free of protection on numerous download sites. DRM-free EMI means it could potentially be made available on platforms like eMusic where I buy 90% of my music already. I'm not expecting it to happen tomorrow, but this is step 1.

Although quite why iTunes is not available in SA is something I've yet to work out. Lazy sods :)

Ah, freely available DRM free music from the big labels ... choice ... wouldn't it be great. It would be so cool to legally buy, yes buy, the songs you want and do with them as you wish.
Let's hope this is step 1. I think in order for there to be a step 2 there is going to need to be a massive response by the consumers, to prove the viability.

btw. Fully agree, Lazy sods!

It goes back to something I was ranting about a while ago - that these guys can't moan about digital not filling the CD void until they have a genuinely competitive and geographically complete market in place. In a developed market, emusic wouldn't be in the top 10 biggest retailers, currently it's second behind itunes.

Site's looking good btw, got your feed now so will be back from time to time. later.

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