Eish!!: Free online help for Cape Town ratepayers

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Free online help for Cape Town ratepayers

For a while now Cape Town homeowners have not been sure as how to take the new rates valuations. One can't help feeling chuffed when the value given to your home is high, until the implication of the potential rates incurred sink in.
The new formula was published this week. Read here for more in depth info.

For many sectional title owners however the process was a colossal stuff up! The result being double and triple the actual value being shown on statements. For those of you effected you have until 30 April to object, so get moving!
You will be happy to know that a website has been setup that will assist you with your objection free of charge. www.helpmeobject.co.za will take you through a 3 step process, at the end of which you will have an objection letter you can take to your friendly municipal 'objection centre.'

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