Eish!!: Let's make a difference

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Let's make a difference

In Friday's post I gave you some links to blogs, authored my members of the fairer sex. In the post I wrote "One thing I have learned while journeying through the submissions is that these girls can write! You will find very few quick one or two paragraph posts in this batch of blogs. The ladies have a lot to say, and they say it."

Unfortunately, I had not read ms Porcelains Friday's post @ Music, Life & Music. Because this lady really did have a lot to say and, in my opinion, she said it very powerfully. It's an awesome post highlighting her frustration at the way women are, and allow themselves to be, portrayed in popular culture. PLEASE do yourself, your mother, your sisters ,your daughters, a favour and read it. Then pass on the message. This needs to be heard by as many people as possible. If you have email, send the link to all you know, if you have blog do the same.

Below is a snippet from her blog post, the link follows. Ms Porcelain, eishman upgrades Music, life and music from "Nice one" to "A must read."


"Pop culture has a lot of power and influences young people in a way that is almost unbelievable. Yet the people who have this power seem not to know how better to use it. The use of words like 'bitch' and 'hoe (whore)' have become acceptable. Even the dreaded 'n-word' has become fashionable. believe it or not I've heard young South Africans call each other that. i much rather prefer the word 'cat' than 'the-n-word'... But that's just my opinion"


Link : The Hip-Hop issue

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Nice one Eish! Thanks for highlighting this post. We do need to teaching our youngsters respect not only for women but for humanity in general.

You know on to something when Stephen Francis and Rico over at Madam & Eve start taking note - check out this Weekend's Cartoon

Awesome, very clever cartoon.We clearly just need a few Eve clones, and the problem will be sorted out quickly.
Failing that though, we need to keep talking and writing about it.
This has to be beaten ?

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