Eish!!: Calling SABC3's Webmaster

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Calling SABC3's Webmaster

As part of the research I was doing for what was going to be today's post in the upcoming drama series on SABC 3, Jozi H, I went to the station's website(www.sabc3.co.za).
This site needs to be seen to be believed! The opening page wished me "a wonderful New Year 2007." I kid you not!
Now obviously with each refresh they like to highlight different programmes, one assumes that they would particularly like to advise of new shows that will be airing soon. Right? Wrong? Did you know that "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" will be airing from Monday 06 November @ 19:30? Maybe they mean November 2007? Maybe they do, but I sincerely doubt it.
I decided to click on "What's on today." For some reason SABC3 has decided that "today" is the 26th March. GO figure. (btw. if you missed the CWC game it's showing at 6:30am, who needs a PVR?!)
The list goes on, The Tyra Banks Show is coming in August, has to be 2006. If you are looking forward to some comedy, don't. Look back! "8 Simple Rules" & "Joey" start on the 26th February. "The Amazing Race" is apparently currently being aired on Tuesdays? At the time of writing I was still waiting for the 'On Air Schedule" to load, so I can't comment in it's accuracy, or if it even exists.

But, perhaps the most irritating feature is the incessant scrolling of a message telling not to forget to watch "3Talk with Noeleen"! Ironically,probably the most accurate bit of news available on the opening page.

Eish! Come on guys, get you act together.

FYI : Jozi H airs on the 19th April ... or is it 26th April ...?

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Hope the SABC reads this - perhaps you could send them a gentle reminder via email and then blog about their response (or lack thereof).

Amazing what a state-subsidy can do to professionalism!

Thanks for the suggestion Arthur,
Sent them a little nudge ... we wait ...

Must have been the 26th as there was a repeat broadcast late on Monday night.

I just found this guide that seems pretty good. You can query specific dates, channels and genres. Watch the genres though, I just used reality to try and find the start of Amazing Race but only found it when I set genre to all.

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