Eish!!: Now you can Moer a taxi - Seriaas!

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Now you can Moer a taxi - Seriaas!

Everyone has a beef with taxi drivers. There are so many times when you just want to get out the car and let him (or her) 'have it,' whatever your version of 'have it' may be. But you know that it's probably not a very wise thing to do.

Now you can. Go to http://www.ilogic.co.za/taxi-wars.html and you can hoot your vuvuzela, smash the taxi with a golf club and use spray paint on the taxi along with a few other ways to vent your frustration.
I had to chuckle when I heard the response of the chairman of one of the Cape Town taxi associations on the radio yesterday. He was 'appalled' that such a violent game could be played online and was concerned that this could lead to real violence being perpetrated against taxi drivers. Please buddy,how do think a viral marketing company came up with the idea? I'm pretty sure that if all your drivers stuck to the speed limit (how fast you are allowed to go on the road and remain within the law), indicated when stopping and/or turning (using the little stick that used to be on the side of the steering wheel to activate the little orange lights that warn motorist of the impending action) and kept to the correct lanes (left of a yellow line is not actually the taxi lane), their brainstorming session would have led to a whole different creation. Furthermore, trust me, if we could we would have done this to your taxis a long time ago. Playing this game will not suddenly make us stupid enough risk our lives and trying to do something similar in the real world.


Note : The game is actually meant as a viral marketing campaign, but hey, maybe it's going to land up providing an important public service.

Update : Mzala @ Township vibe posted the following re: Taxi Wars : Website incite violence against the taxi men . Tried to leave the following comment unsuccessfully (the site was misbehaving)
Hey Mzala, you serious?
The moment I see someone blowing a vuvuzela at their unfriendly taxi driver, I will repeal both this comment & what I posted about the site a few days ago.

Hopefully they get to read this somehow.

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it's not an issue about us being too serious for our own good, but a campaign that really motivates our fellow South Africans to show any glimpse of violence against each other, we are totally against it, South Africa is a violent place at times, in fact look here after the release of that game, the have been 16 people killed and injured in Johannesburg and Cape Town in the recent upsurge in taxi violence all over the country, this violence is by no chance linked to the website, South Africa is a violent place, we are not blind to the fact that these Taxi men are hell on our roads, their time will truly come, South Africa needs a comprehensive Public Transport Systems such as countries like Germany and England, to eradicate the disturbing reliance of millions of South Africans on the taxi industry, to put it blatantly government needs to push the taxi men out of business till they change their attitudes to their various stakeholders( commuters, road users and the traffic police) we wonder they even know it, that may take another generation of Taxi Men to fulfill. We are not taking sides, to us violence is a serious no go area, we say NO to violence in any form viral campaigns, virtual violence, NO.


M'nandi, your point is appreciated, thanks for taking the time to express it.
I think in your comment you, oddly enough, kind of expressed a lot of what of I was trying to say. The "Taxi Men" have set themselves up for just such a game to exist.
I truly do not believe that this game in any way will cause any increase in violence against taxis though, if anything it should cause a decrease as it allows for an alternative avenue for frustrated commuters to vent.
Keep commenting & blogging M'nandi, contrary views are important & necessary

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