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Eish!! April Visitors with Amatomu Chicks!!

Wondering who else is visiting Eish!!? Where are they coming from? How are they getting here?

If you are as much as a stat.s whore as I am, you will enjoy what follows. But before you browse through some of the graphs I have pasted below (I grabbed them using Screengrab , see my post "2 must have Firefox add-ons") here are some points I found interesting.
  • I began blogging just as the SA blog aggregators were launching, so Amatomu & Muti are high on the referrers listing.
  • 1 Eishman comment on 1 Keo.co.za article brought in enough traffic to get the blog as a Top 10 referrer
  • Eish!! been SA focussed, I would have thought that visitors from th UK as a percentage would have been more than the US.
  • Considering the bulk of Eish!! readers are in SA, the Firefox usage is a bit suprising but extremely encouraging
  • There are a whole lot more blog readers still having to connect via dialup than I expected, you guys deserve a freaking medal. May the force be with you.
  • Putting "chicks" & "Amatomu" in your posts subject line assures you of a whole load of new readers! Now the title makes sense, doesn't it ..... he he!!
The following graphs all refer to visitors to Eish!! during the month of April.

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