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Keep your email address private

Bloggers and web masters have a difficult task of getting readers to interact via email.
What do I mean? Why can't you simply put your email address somewhere prominent? Well, it's because those evil spammer dudes (sorry Den & Ash) can grab it and then your inbox will become an unusable mess.

I made the decision to leave mine on the blog as, been a start-up, I did not want to prevent any form of feedback. You will notice that the address is displayed as a image however. Still, it's possible for the spammers to still pull your address from the html code sitting 'below.' At the time thought it was a price I was willing to pay, and gmail is pretty darn good detected spam. You should see the masses of spam caught in my spam folder.

But now there is a quick & easy service to circumvent the need for placing you email address or html reference on your site.
Contactify lets your readers send messages to your email address without them ever actually necessarily knowing the address they are sending it to. It provides you with an url to use instead of an email address, which links to a form the sender can use. Signup is quick & easy, always important!
(Try clicking on my email address image on the left sidebar and check out how it works)

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