Eish!!: KFC - A passionate response

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KFC - A passionate response

res[This is a wastershed post! I am very excited to announce that this post is the first by a guest 'blogger'. And a reader at that!
I am very appreciative of the time given by Justme, to write the article that follows. Please feel free to add your 2c worth, for or against. Maybe we can coax Justme and others send me further submissions in the future.
If you need ot contextualise click here : Kentucky Fried Chicken Cape Times article

Dear Eishman

As you know, I am not a blogfan, but I respect you and your blog immensely. I recently wrote about passion. There are many types of passion. One rises like bile in your throat when you realise the cruelty that man is capable of. Take the Kentucky Fried Chicken article in the morning's paper[Cape Times]. I personally don't eat Kentucky, for the very reasons that have now been confirmed. Animals are used as 'utilities,' on the assumption that they feel no pain or suffering. One only has to study animals in nature to realise that we as humans are really at the bottom of the food chain, and while we feel superior, we are really appalling.

Yes, animals have always been used for food and clothing, but our distant ancestors would thank the animal for giving it's life to provide them food and clothing. And, like the animals they killed, they only took enough for their needs. We have really become an appalling race.
Do you have feelings for animals? Do you not think that you could use some blog-space to bring our callous treatment of not only animals, but the environment in general to the fore, and perhaps persuade people to get passionate about it rather than seeing themselves as the 'alpha males/females' of the world?

Now do you understand why Meat[loaf] is a vegetarian?


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Amazed any human could touch KFC or McDonalds for that matter. There is enough on the web with proof of their and their suppliers excessive cruelty for all to read so people have no excuse not to boycott these type of chain fast food outlets.

I became vegan due to factory farming and I am much happier with myself due to it, plus I have found my meals to be more tasty and interesting as well.

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