Eish!!: Would you respond to this front page Argus ad?

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Would you respond to this front page Argus ad?

I know there are some marketing and business fundies that pop in here @ Eish from time to time. Please guys help me out here! How does an advert like the one below get onto the front page a major newspaper, The Argus? The front page !!! Or maybe I should ask how it makes it into the paper at all.

There is no company name, no contact telephone numbers, no physical address and not even a price or product. Just a promise to better a price someone else has given AND a freaking Hotmail (.co.uk) email address! I kid you not! So much for Mr Bullard's "I have no objection to reading my Sunday Times on the Internet because I know the content has been through the same process as the print edition." What about the advertisements?
This is like something you would find on a rotating banner on ...... a ...... blog!!!!

This was printed in the same week the sister newspaper the Cape Times printed a story on how a Nigerian syndicate infiltrated the SAA call centre and defrauded thousands of credit card holders to net R14m. How did they that do it? Wait for it... by buying plane tickets using unsuspecting cardholders credit card details and reselling them at seriously discounted prices! The Nigerian's are apparently operating out of the UK. Go figure!

Surely the Argus cannot be so desperate for money that they can allow something like this? Or am I just being naive?

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You should start an email process with them and post it to your blog - that could be funny

The sad thing is that people will actually fall for this!

I agree with Vincent - begin an email process and see what response you get. I would take it another step though and also get the Argus involved as well as the Advertising Standards Authority.

Let's show Mr Bullard what can be achieved through a blog platform!

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