Eish!!: A bit of comedy to warm you from inside

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A bit of comedy to warm you from inside

It was just 6 degrees traveling into work today! For Cape Town, that's bloody cold, especially when it's combined with rain. There have even been reports of snow on some of our surrounding peaks. Winter is well and truly here.
Of course this meant exaggerated morning peak traffic. However, Radio 2000 (if you appreciate good rock and roll you should be listening to this station btw) made the journey a whole lot more enjoyable by replaying this great piece of comedy by request. Suddenly the traffic didn't seem to bother me, and I found myself laughing out loud.


Jim Beuer Comedy Sketch

[Update : Please post a comment if you are able/unable to play the mp3 via the player below ]

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Yay!! I Love Radio 2000 too (must be cause I work for them). That is some really funny stuff :)

CT been ridiculously cold! Brrr!

it is so cold in Jozi too... minus 1 today!

Will check out the sound from home...blocked at work you see.

ms Porcelain, Radio 200 rocks ... most of the time.

Aquila, bugger that's cold! Gotta love those firewalls. The clip will be worth the wait.

Also enjoyed this - thanks!

This morning my car was covered in ice and the temp reading was -4! I had to get water from the house to pour over the windscreen before I could drive off - man, was I cold!

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