Eish!!: How SA Rugby stuffed up SA's great day!

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How SA Rugby stuffed up SA's great day!

South Africa has two teams in the Super 14 final! We are guaranteed our first Super 14/12/10 winner. Headline making stuff, you would think ... Nope, one man, Luke Watson dominates the newspaper headlines, website discussions and radio talk shows. What did he do? Ironically nothing!

Surely, the rugby administrators could have figured what the repercussions of their actions would be? Clearly not. The inclusion of the poor oke, will achieve nothing, except a massive backlash, against all concerned. They have made Jake White look stupid, the selectors appear impotent, Watson seem rogueish and themselves like the big bad all-powerful giant. Sure legally they have the power to include people they feel the coach has overlooked, but it's just bad PR. They should learn from George Bush's mistakes. After all, who will have to take the wrath of the public when the team does not perform? Me thinks, Jake.

At the end of the day Watson is not going to be picked for the final squad. His exclusion from the Springbok setup would have been mentioned in passing, but the press exhausted that debate last year. Instead we have a childish Robbie/Hoskins debate on Radio 702!

Good luck two the two teams in the final. Here's to hoping it's a great game, one that inspires the Boks to a great international season.

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I know everyone is upset about Luke Watson but remember that he was just putten in there to create some news so that we buy more newspapers, put Jake under pressure and make the rest of the team look weak and less glamorous. We must see it as a chance for someone to prove to millions, including himself that he is worthy to be part of the chosen 46. Remember he took no one's place. He went on the list at the last moment and his name is what's gonna sell newspapers and create uncertainty in SA Rugby again. Leave this to Jake White to decide on the Springboks faith for he made us one of the most feared teams in the world today. Many might hate him but he has proven time and time again that he can take a punch and bounce back from humiliating defeats and public pressure. Forget about the hype and concentrate on history in the making with the Super 14 finals as well as that we WILL win the WORLD CUP and TRI-NATIONS. Just wait and see!!

I like your optimism, Anonymous. I fully agree, let Jake decide on his team, and more importantly let him do his job, coach the team the best way he knows how.

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