Eish!!: Surfing the web under the boss' nose

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Surfing the web under the boss' nose

You're holding onto your internet privileges at the office by a very thin thread. But you need your fix every now and then. Things are happening out their on the 'interweb' (as Corne would say).

Where's a way to surf the web from the confines of your cubicle without the skulking supervisor noticing. In fact, he/she/it, will even think you are pondering over that report that is due by tomorrow.

reformats a url to look like a MSWord document, with a mock menu bar, the works.

Check out Eish!!

Oh and if you are the supervisor ...
... take a look at this pic, and whisper "Surfing the internet is good, surfing the internet is good, reading blogs boosts productivity ...

Link : www.workfriendly.net/

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