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Helping readers Schmaak Eish

I decided to take a day off from posting. Just to give you a little insight as to how Eish works, I usually collate and type my content at night. I then post later the next morning, from work.
The lack of sleep was catching up on me, so I decided that a night off was a good idea. So you were not supposed to be getting your Eish!! fix today.

However when I arrived in the office this morning and did my usual morning Amatomu browse through I noticed that one of the top searches was for 'schmaak.php.' It immediately struck a cord, because I had done a similar search a few weeks ago. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add a little script to your posts that would make it easy for the readers to click-and-schmaak? I not capable of coming up with such a thing, but did come up with a rather ugly tedious work-around, but I am sure that there are some very bright okes & okesses that could zap up and simple solution rather quickly.
Any takers?

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