Eish!!: How useful is Gmail's new attachment limit?

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How useful is Gmail's new attachment limit?

Gmail, Google's free (and fantastic) email service has just upped its attachment size limit to 20mb.

Firstly, what does this mean for gmail users? Well, in my opinion, not a hell of a lot. The problem is that there are not many other email services that will accept this attachment or send an attachment of that size. Yahoo!'s Mail Plus will besides the odd small email service. Obviously Gmail to Gmail would me no problem.
Perhaps, this will be the start of something though and other providers will also up their limits. This will open up the Senator Ted Steven's full tubes debate again.

So what does this mean to us here in South Africa? For one be careful downloading those massive attachments though, they could seriously dent the monthly cap.

Here's a tip. You can use Gmail as a repository or mini-backup service. Get your self a copy of the Firefox Gspace add-on. This turns your Gmail account into a virtual FTP site.

We always appreciate free stuff here in South Africa.

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Thanks for the tip about Gspace. It looks like a useful utility.

Have you checked out my review of JkDefrag yet? It's amazing.

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