Eish!!: Dont p-off your clients

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Dont p-off your clients

One of the benefits of the age of Web 2.0 is the ease with which you can get your message heard. It's not necessary to find yourself a sympathetic journalist on a slow news day or take out an expensive print ad when you feel you have been abused, ignored or extorted by corporations.

Hey, simply log on to a consumer website like HelloPeter.com or better still start your own blog or website. Seriaas!!According to GottoQuirk (10 May Uninspired, Unmotivated, Uninvolved), that's what Gideon Galloway did. He felt that StandardBank had messed around enough to motivate him to not only create http://www.mystandardbankstory.co.za/ but nogal pay for GoogleAds to get his story extra traction.

I read his story, and while he's got a point and I hope he succeeds in his quest to get his money back, I think the bigger picture here is the potential for this type of consumer action.Companies take note, look after your clients, the bush telegraph just got fertilised.

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They realised "simpler, better, faster" wouldn't pass the truth in advertising test.

That's why they now admit that instead of making banking simpler, they've made it more involved. What you see (in the ads) is what you get.

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