Eish!!: Google goes offline

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Google goes offline

Google is moving into the offline desktop space with the launch of Google Gears.
While it currently only supports Google Reader (the RSS reader you should be using to subscribe to Eish!! so you don't miss out on a single posting) word on the street is that it will eventually be able to support Gmail and Google Docs in the not too distant future.
What does this mean for us users in South Africa?
Currently vanilla Google offerings required a browser and an active internet connection. They have spreadsheet, word processor, email, calendar, notebook applications available to all for free. The fact that you have to be online to utilise them is a major hindrance to those who wish to use them on the go. Remembering, how can we forget, the high cost of telecom.s here in South Africa this become more than just a hindrance. Been able to store the files on the computer you will be working on will begin to make these offering compete head on with MSOffice and OpenOffice. The big difference being the cross pc synchronisation opportunity this offers.
If I have to be honest, I am still partial to OpenOffice. I think their offering offers a while load more features than Google Apps, however competition is good. Long may it last.

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That's it. Microsoft watch out! Google's ready to take them on. Think it's been coming for a while now but it's starting to look more like a reality than anything else.

We live in interesting times. Choice, ah, what a great thing!!

Awesome development for people that can not be online or are on dial in.

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