Eish!!: Dstv now available from Vodacom

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Dstv now available from Vodacom

According to the press release we are being offered another Dstv bouquet. The priced from R139-00 it looks like the imminent IPTV competition is already having effect. The only problem is the channels being offered does not make this too attractive, particularly the lack of real sports channels.
Baby steps, I guess


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vodacom, South Africa’s leading cellular network, has formalised its entry into the broadcasting and multimedia market by announcing today that it had secured an exclusive pay-TV agency agreement with MultiChoice.

“With cellphone penetration in South Africa at over 80%, Vodacom is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its growth horizontally in the market,” said Alan Knott-Craig, chief executive officer of the Vodacom Group.

“With 23 million customers in South Africa, Vodacom has the distribution and marketing know-how that could lead to more significant growth in the satellite pay-TV market. With less than 10 million TV sets and fewer than 2 million satellite pay-TV subscribers in South Africa, we can expect strong growth as Vodacom offers the most affordable satellite pay-TV so far available,” Knott-Craig said. (Source: Click here).

“Vodacom already has 33 000 mobile TV users that can choose from 22 channels on Vodafone live! cellphones, in addition, we are currently piloting more than 17 channels across digital video broadcast to handset technology together with MultiChoice.“

With DStv Select only from Vodacom, Vodacom and non-Vodacom customers have a choice between two exciting DStv Select bouquets, each offering a variety of the latest entertainment, news, sports, movies, documentaries and music channels.

“For the first time, South Africans will be able to subscribe to satellite pay-TV for as little as R139 per month and choose one of the two DStv Select bouquets of channels they’d like to view. We expect to attract many customers who will enjoy the variety of more than four channels, but can now afford it for the first time,” Knott-Craig said.

In addition to being affordable, the DStv Select bouquets offer up to 16 channels including SABC 1,2,3 and e.TV – one technology (free-to-air), easy to use, ensuring convenient and hassle free access to TV entertainment.

Customers can visit any participating Vodacom outlet to view the latest DStv Select deals available from Vodacom. For more information, click here or call 1082, free from a Vodacom cellphone, or 082 1082 free from any other phone.

DStv Select including M-Net Series & Hallmark DStv Select including kykNET
Supersport ActionSupersport Action
MTV BaseMTV Base
BBC FoodBBC Food
National GeographicNational Geographic
Sky NewsSky News
CNBC AfricaCNBC Africa
MNet SeriesKykNET
DMX Music ChannelsDMX Music Channels
Gospel80s Hits
Love SongsLove Songs
Classic R&BClassic R&B
Adult ContemporaryAdult Contemporary

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Yup, going to be interesting to watch this one play out. Timing is pretty good - as everyone waits to see what Telkom Media is going to do, Vodacom slides this one out into the market.

Looks very promising to me. I don't watch enough TV to justify DSTV, but for R140 I can get a few extra channels.

Seems like the move is getting some positive feedback. More than I thought. Craig, you make a good point. If you don't watch that much tv generally, this is a good inexpensive option that gives you that little extra choice.

The channels offered aren't great... What they should do is let you choose you own and then charge you per channel.

I agree with anonymous in that one should be able to choose one's own channels and then pay for those..in fact everyone would be more thrilled with really really worthwhile viewing then.

thanks for posting this, I was looking for more info and voila!


Selection is not good, and why pay again for SABC and Etv again when already paying SABC licence fee?
Suggest DSTV allow people to build their own packages, and charge them accordingly (even if the prime channels cost more than the garbage like Fashion TV)

DSTV's money spinners are MNet, the Movie Channels 1 & 2, as well as the sports channels, that's 1 & 2. Multichopice will never give us the option to have a cafeteria choice, that is, we put together your own list of channels. If you choose the most popular channles such as mentioned above, then chances are good that you'll end up paying close to the full ammount as for the Premium DSTV options.

You are more than likely correct Pierre. What we can hope for, is a bouquet choice, but with option to add additional channels.

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