Eish!!: Beat the corporate firewall

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Beat the corporate firewall

I have been back in the corporate world for a short while. One thing an internet junkie like myself can't help but find more than a little frustrating is the limitations put on you by your company's firewall. I realise it's for a good reason, but still...

Never mind, Eish!! has come up with a solution. It comes in the form of www.unblockall.net. Simply type in your url in it's search box and you're in. I tested in on my Gmail account which is blocked by our firewall, and viola! I was able to view my messages.

This combined with WorkFriendly (see previous post - Surfing the web under the bosses nose) is sure to get you fired!

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Oh Eish... What have you started? LOL! My best bud Marcee is very impressed with you.

I'm not so sure about it though LOL.

Still loving your blog :)

Clearly Marcee has great taste.

Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks Eish, I was using it - everything was great then outa no where they blocked it. I'm kakking myself because my name must have shown up on their logs.

so what does one do if the fire wall blocks urls like unblock....classified as url translation sites by these guys

@anonymous : Is the ongoing cat and mouse game we play ;-)

unblockall is BLOCKED by my company's firewall so your link is pretty much USELESS !!!

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