Eish!!: Eish!! outmuscles Multichoice AND Vodacom

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Eish!! outmuscles Multichoice AND Vodacom

Here's an opportunity for you SEO experts reading Eish!!

I know very, very little about 'search engine optimisation' and the fact that I utilise Google's Blogger to publish Eish!! means I can maintain this relative ignorance and still get reasonably good hit rates from individual searches on topics I have written about. However, surely if you do a search for a companies product by name, the company in question should be the first search result?

I reported on yesterday's press release on the new Vodacom/Multichoice Dstv select offering. I noticed from my stats that I have been getting quite a few referrals from Google, so I did a quick check.
Google search phrases :
  • "Dstv Select" - Eish!! is the top of the search results! Cool for me, but not the way it should be. A Dstv forum entry is the highest ranking search result emanating from a Multichoice/Dstv site.
  • "vodacom dstv select" - Eish!! no 3, official Dstv site makes it to no.5
  • "multichoice DSTV select" = Eish!! no 6, DstvAfrica just makes it onto the first page @ no 10.
Looks like the webmasters @ Multichoice & Vodacom have a little work to do. In the meantime welcome to those of you who found your way to Eish!! Stick around, the Eish!! community is active and growing.

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