Eish!!: Facebook, am I missing something?

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Facebook, am I missing something?

Blogs, office talk, newspaper, radio. Everyone's talking about Facebook.

Facebook was founded in February 2004 by a Harvard University student Mark Zuckerberg just three months after Tom Anderson founded MySpace, the other big social networking competitor. So it's not a new phenomenon. But it's clearly suddenly making it's mark here in South Africa. Check out this Amatomu buzz graph and you will see how man.

Now I classify myself as an early adopter,but when I first heard of Facebook a few years ago, it was always as the ugly Myspace competitor. Still neither really resonated with me then though and I still don't really think I have grasped the reason for viral popularity. I mean I really wanted to be part of the 'in crowd' and all, but just couldn't see the point of taking the step and signing up, other than to secure my name. So let me try fight their case though and see if I can convince myself to become a 'Facebooker'.
  • I am told you can chat to your friends via Facebook - but I can do that through Skype, GoogleTalk, MSN Messenger and a whole host of other IMs.
  • You can also send messages - That's odd, I thought you could just use email for that?
  • OK, but you can upload photos - Been doing that for ages on Flickr and Picasa
  • But wait, you can hook up with old school, varsity & work mates - Again, there's a whole load of other sites I can and have used for just that, starting at the school website and, in my case, including SAReunited.
  • There's a messageboard - old hat
  • But it's a free website - I set up my first free website using AngelFire about 10 years ago.
But wait ... perhaps the beauty is it's all in one place? Maybe, perhaps that's the secret. I am still not convinced.

... but I refuse to be left behind, so off I go, time to join!!!

Eish!! just can't help myself, here's me.

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