Eish!!: RadioSA goes off air

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RadioSA goes off air

Today's post was planned last week ago already! I was going to tell you of an online radio station based in the UK with an South African focus that, ex-pats in particular, may be interested in giving a listen.
I was going to tell you that it was started and run by the original chick DJ from 5fm Cleone Cassidy, how I came across the station from a link on Katie Possums' "Adventures in LondonAbove" blog.
I was even going to give you my opinion of their playlist.
Finally, I was going to give you the link, so you could take a listen for your self.

Within all that I was going to write how I wasn't too convinced that the project was necessary and a concept that would be successful. Why would someone staying in the UK wanting to hear something that would keep them in touch with their homeland, 'tune' into an online radio station based in the UK when most of the top South African terrestrial radio stations broadcast over the internet anyways.

But, I can't. I went to check back on their website this morning. It's gone, leaving the message "After major changes, the original RadioSA will be back, bigger and better, check back soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but it is absolutely necessary to get the station back on track."
Sounds promising, but they were supposed to be back up and broadcasting last Friday but are still silent.

Damn, now I need to find something else to blog about ... Eish!!

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Hi Eishman, hope you had a wonderful Fathers days weekend. I knew that you would be a wonderful dad. Did you take your kids to one of our fabulous beaches, to run themselves ragged with their dog/s ? Sat provided the weather !
Nothing makes a child happier than tumbling with a dog and seeing the unconditional love shining out of its eyes. Rather like a pathway to Heaven, wouldn't you say ? You sound like the kind of guy who knows this. But I hope you and your family had a lovely weekend.

Hey Hey Eishman

About your RadioSA blog. I just want to correct you - the station was started by Naude and Kate Strydom, NOT Cleone Cassidy. Cleone is the Programme Director.

We are missing RadioSA Live in London - please find a BIG investor to help fund this great project!!

RadioSA fan!!

Ah now you see that's was my problem. I started my research by reading a few interviews, in at least two of which it was intimated that RadioSA was her project.
When I went back to the website to find out more and confirm details ... it was gone!
But, there's no sweat, most stations in SA broadcast over the net anyways.
Thanks for putting the records straight though. Hopefully Eish!! can provide you with just enough of a taste of home to keep you through your RadioSA withdrawal symptoms.


Yea, very strange that they are still of air, there must have been a fall out between the original owners Naude and Kate Strydom and Cleone Cassidy. Rumours are that she has been given the "sack".
I have been listening to RadioSA from the start and I must say that there is no DJ's back home as good as Murray, Wesley, Rod, Michelle and a good few other's, not to mention the music;-)

C'mon Naude and Kate you can do it!

Radiosa had its chance it had some talent in the beginning and then all of a sudden all its best presenters were gone??????

Cleone's involvement signalled a step in the right direction to move forward as a Proper radio station!

However the powers that be were not willing to learn from the people that know the radio industry and Radiosa is now nothing but YouTubes incredibly poor cousin.

Cleone would not have been sacked rather I feel she jumped the sinking ship like all those other Talents that were there at the start!

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