Eish!!: What do others think of your comments?

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What do others think of your comments?

You've read a blog post or news article on a subject you are really passionate about. Below the article is a space for you to give your 2 cents worth and you do.
Now the catch...

How do you remember to come back and see what the response to your comment has been?
That's where this very nifty little service coComment comes into it's own. It keeps tabs of all the comment feed you have participated in and displays them in a central spot much like an email client. So it's easy to read, or ignore. The best part of it is that once you have installed the little plugin you do not need to remember to do anything. It will automatically take note of your comments and do the necessary. Give it a go, it's unobtrusive, yet allows you to engage with fellow readers so much more effectively.
Bloggers, it also allow you to add a little box on your site, so our readers can see where you have been particpating.

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Lets see how this works.

Yeah, I've been using it for the last year or two (old news). Would never install Firefox without it.

Nice! Thanks for the tip Eish!

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