Eish!!: The perfect phone?

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The perfect phone?

I have been listening to, reading and watching all the hype in the States regarding the Apple Iphone. Up until now, while I have been in awe of it's beauty, I have been rather nonplussed knowing that the phone is going to to take a while to reach our shores. (MyAdsl : 07 June 2007) Of course, when it does, it seems it's going to be in small numbers and will have a serious premium placed on it as a result.
Further to all that, there has been some serious issues raised by certain detractors which have made it seem that, be all accounts, there are some important frailties inherent in the design if the phone, like battery power, application support, durability and lack of wi-fi support to name a few.
However after reading Secret iPhone Details Lost in a Sea of Hype and Hate, a very thorough and extremely interesting piece at RoughlyDrafted.com I may just be convinced not to make that Ipod video purchase in the foreseeable future.
It may mean my daughter may not be able to go to varsity in a few years, but hey, I will have a cool gadget ... for at least a few months before something better comes along, Eish!!

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Hey. I think that the iPhone is going to up the game and Samsung, Nokia and SonyEricsson + HTC and iMate will respond aggressively. All good for the consumer.

So regardless of the hype, the battery concerns and no HSDPA - its a great thing got the mobile industry.

Have a look at my post about the Perfect Phone.

You make a good point, let's hope you're right

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