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Another Web 2.0 - images, audio, etc ... I think I like!

I got an email this morning announcing the launch of a new web 2.0 image and audio hosting site called OneDump.
This post was actually going to be a slight rant at the fact that this is getting a bit old. There are other services that can do a very similair thing. I was also going to mention that surely the creators could have come up with something better than 'OneDump.'

But after giving OneDump the obligatory once over, I actually kind of like it and may very well begin to utilise it quite extensively. I like the idea of been able to organise your uploads into folders and use these new repositories to access files anywhere and use them for links for this blog, for example. It's interface is also nice and functional. Everything is easy to understand and, importantly, do.

According to their release : With OneDump you can:
- Host and manage your files for free
- Create Galleries and collections
- Create folders to organize your files
- Link or embed your images and files in forums and websites

So if you are looking for somewhere else do these things, give them a try.

The comment on the name still holds true though!

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