Eish!!: Joburg - Perhaps SA's true friendly city

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Joburg - Perhaps SA's true friendly city

Eish!! has been quiet for the past 2 days. Yes, it's only been two days. I took the family for a quick trip up to Johannesburg. As a born and bred Capetonian, the thought of going to 'Joburg' for anything other than business is a rather odd one and while I have made a fair amount of business trips to the city, it has probably been close to 20 years since I have made this trip for anything other than business myself. So it was with a fair bit of trepidation that I agreed to book the plane tickets and organise accommodation.

All this said, let me state that we really had a great time. The Joburgers, Gautengers, Vaalies, whatever they are called nowadays, are a great, friendly bunch of people. Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile by people in jobs that they clearly seemed happy to have. The levels of service at all our touch points was far superior to that experienced here in Cape Town (a city centred around service industries, apparently.) The beauty of it was that there was no way that anyone we dealt with, other than the hotel clerk, could have known that we were not locals, so this is just the way it is. So kudos to Joeys we left your city very impressed, proud to be South African and, in fact, feeling a little more African.(perhaps that last comment needs it's one post)

Now, if you can organise a little less traffic, some green grass (in the winter), the removal of some of the roadside billboards, a little more oxygen in the air, more chilled drivers, some sort of beacon that indicates North, a real mountain and a little bit of coastline (the valley of the waves does not count, in fact it's in another province) then you may just have the perfect city.

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So pleased you enjoyed yourselves in Joburg.

Hey Eish!!!

I love that you said that we Jozi folk are friendly. I am a Jozi girl living in Cape Town and I was really sad when I first got here... I missed my 'happy people'. I've since met 'happy people' here in Cape Town, but it's not the same time.

Cool stuff (yay Jozi) :)

It was great having you in Jozi! So glad you had a great time.

We are working on the visual, air and noise pollution! However organising a coastline may be a slightly bigger project!

Don't wait so long before visiting us again!

PS - Have you entered your nominations for the 50 Best South African Websites? I reckon your blog may well feature!

We have a gorgeous little town hey! And yes, the people are so open and friendly (except during those fleeting moments of road rage) as well as it feeling like this is the place where all the change is starting from....so yes, that "African" feel.

Ponte is our beacon for direction....if it is too close, drive in the opposite direct. Fast.

Does Share world count? In fact I haven't heard anyhing about it for at least 10 years. No clue if it still eaxists.

Mountains, we have a whole host of Gold mountaing is Joburg, pitty the land had to be raped to create them.

Glad you enjoyed yourself in Jozy

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