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Inconsiderate Morons

I have always taught my daughter that while swearing is very rarely necessary and often shows a weakness in your ability to express yourself, as well as being very hurtful and offensive to those that hear them, there does exist times where a good vloek can be deemed appropriate. That said, I have decided that my blog is the not appropriate place to do so, which is a pity as the morons pictured below deserve a way more offensive title than the subject of this post.
These pictures were taken outside one of the nations big multinational's offices. There was plenty of available parking not even 20m away, but these guys decided that they were way to important to park and walk the extra few meters. After all if the person is that disabled they will have a chair with wheels, right?!?
BTW, all these pictures were taken at the same time ie. there were SIX cars taking up the disables bays at one time, in fact when I reported this to the reception there were SEVEN!
Feel free to add your expletives in the comments!!

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Perhaps you should send these pics to the Argus -complete with enlargements of the number plates!

Did you stand and watch people walk from their cars or did you just assume that they were not disabled?

While I get your point, I checked all the cars for either an offical disabled sticker or some other informal note. I did find this on one car, which I left out of the pictures.
In order to park in a bay marked as a disabled bay it is required for such a sticker to be displayed.

Maybe the drivers were there to collect disabled people from the office block. Just a thought!

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